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2010, 11 Pages, 2630 Words, 8 Sources, 60 $ (USD)
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2. Urban Poverty, Inner Cities And Health Outcomes   (30  Pages, 358.5 $ (USD) )
This 30 page paper addresses several related topic areas: the data on poverty in the U.S., the sociology of poverty, urbanism, isolation, and residential segregation, residential segregation, income equity and health, poverty, race and urban emergency medicine, and policy implications. Study after study demonstrates the link between poverty and poor health outcomes. Persons living in urban poverty, in the inner city neighborhoods consistently are shown to have poorer health than those who do not live in these conditions. The situation has been shown to be even worse for minorities, particularly the black population. This essay discusses and explains why these situations exist. The paper also discusses the overuse of emergency departments. Data included. 1 table included. Bibliography lists 34 sources.
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3. Poverty in America   (25  Pages, 298.75 $ (USD) )
This 25 page report discusses poverty in America and its impact on quite nearly every problem in America - crime, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, AIDS, spouse abuse, malnutrition, school drop-out rates and more. Since the 1960s and 1970s, policymakers have fiercely debated the appropriate role of government in providing solutions to these problems. Treating only the symptoms of poverty is costly, and trying to eliminate poverty by isolating the poor sacrifices the approach proven to be most effective: integration into mainstream society. This report examines some of the most significant impacts of poverty in modern America. Bibliography lists 22 sources.
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4. Poverty and the Nuclear Family Model   (10  Pages, 119.5 $ (USD) )
This 10 page paper provides an overview of poverty in America and the role played by the nuclear family. Several areas are explored. The paper concludes that the decline of the nuclear family in America is in part responsible for the proliferation of poverty. Other theories of poverty are explored including the Culture of Poverty thesis. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Paper Keywords -nukey
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5. Absolute Poverty And Absolute Affluence: Should One Support The Other?   (5  Pages, 59.75 $ (USD) )
5 pages in length. There exists a moral and ethical responsibility for the absolute affluent to provide at least modicum of sustenance for the absolute poverty-stricken population. As so well defined in Peter Singer's "Rich and Poor," there are people throughout the world who have far more wealth than they could ever possibly put to use for themselves; in contrast, there are those who go for days without even as much as a balanced meal, uncovering scraps of inedible food stuff just as a means by which to stay alive. Why is there such a distance between the absolute affluent and those in absolute poverty? There are many factors that address the underlying separation between the two worlds; however, one thing is clear: inasmuch as the absolute affluent possess an overabundance of what is to be considered an adequate amount of livable resources, it is up to them to help provide for those who live in absolute poverty. The writer takes the stance that absolute affluence should support absolute poverty. No additional sources cited.
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6. Generational & Situational Poverty   (3  Pages, 35.85 $ (USD) )
This 3 page paper discusses Ruby Payne's thoughts about generational and situational poverty. The essay begins with some data regarding poverty in the U.S. The two categories of poverty are then outlined and discussed. The writer also comments on which type of poverty would be the most difficult to overcome. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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7. Minority Immigrants Living in Poverty: Education and Employment Factors (Canadian Studies Highlighted)   (10  Pages, 119.5 $ (USD) )
This is a 10 page paper discussing minority immigrants living in poverty and the relation to education and employment. Within the last decade, increasing high levels of poverty have been recorded in the minority and recent immigrant populations in Canada and the United States. In Canada, recent immigrants make up over 52% of those under the poverty line in urban areas. Traditionally, immigrants coming into Canada whether skilled or unskilled laborers reached the average Canadian income in less than 10 years after their arrival. Educated immigrants previously had attained average or above income. Within the last 10 years however, this has not been the case and educated and professional immigrants are among the poorest population group in Canada along with the uneducated minority immigrants. Part of this is because it had been felt that due to the decline in the labor market, employers do not recognize the foreign credentials of immigrants but many critics also believe that discrimination plays a large part as well. Educational programs within Canada and the United States tend to focus on overcoming the language barrier firstly in addition to upgrading any educational or occupational labor skills. Regardless of the awareness of increased need in this area, many researchers still agree that the greatest barrier for most minority immigrants is racism which unless overcome will continue to reflect in an unequal representation of immigrant groups in poverty. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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8. Comparing Poverty in Two Different Countries   (5  Pages, 59.75 $ (USD) )
5 pages. By comparing the conditions due to poverty in two different non-western countries we will present the conditions of poverty in each country. Detailed will be the poverty features common to both countries, and whether these characteristics are unique or common. Also considered will be the factors that might contribute to unique distributions of poverty and what factors are likely to be common across a large range of countries worldwide. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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9. Children and Poverty   (21  Pages, 250.95 $ (USD) )
21 pages. This paper focuses on poverty and its effects on children in the multitude of ways that poverty can strike, not only in the United States but also in the world over. The major focus on this topic is the anti-poverty organization called Childreach, which is the United States member of PLAN. How this organization is reaching out to help those children in need and the results it has seen will all be included herein. Other programs will be noted as well in order to provide a basis of opinion as to what exactly is being done to help the children that are victims of poverty. Bibliography lists 17 sources.
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10. The Crisis of Poverty   (5  Pages, 59.75 $ (USD) )
5 pages. This paper deals with the effects of poverty on the low-income single parent families. For many food stamps and welfare help some, but they are still in dire need. Unfortunately poverty seems to be a vicious cycle that keeps the poverty stricken in poverty. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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