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1. Issues related to homelessness
2010, 6 Pages, 1339 Words, 7 Sources, 25 $ (USD)
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2. Obesity: Medical, Sociological, and Psychological Factors   (8  Pages, 95.6 $ (USD) )
An 8 page discussion of the factors that contribute to obesity. Although the problem of obesity has plagued mankind since ancient times, it was never as prevalent as it is today. That prevalence can be related to two factors: less energy expenditure currently needed to obtain food, and a change in the way we regard food. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
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3. Causative Factors in Drug Abuse: Psychological and Sociological Factors   (3  Pages, 35.85 $ (USD) )
A 4 page examination of the question of whether an individual's inclination to abuse drugs is affected more by social factors or psychological factors. The author contends that while psychology can play a role even it is affected by social circumstance. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
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4. Health and Ethnicity: Biological and Sociological Factors Resulting in Differences in Health and Illness   (5  Pages, 59.75 $ (USD) )
This is a 5 page paper discussing health and ethnicity. Recent studies in the areas of research in ethnicity in regards to disease, illness and health have shown that there are significant differences based on ethnicity in regards to incidence rates in areas such as cancer, diabetes and SIDS among others. In addition to the biological differences which have been recorded however, it has also been shown that certain environmental and social factors increase the incidence in most cases. Differences in health education, diet and exercise have also been shown to differ in regards to ethnicity and these factors also affect health. While some biological differences do exist between different ethnic groups in regards to health within a population further differences in social factors exacerbate and increase the differences. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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5. Obesity: Physiological, Psychological, Sociological and Economic Factors   (10  Pages, 119.5 $ (USD) )
A 10 page overview of obesity and the factors which interplay to cause the condition and those which result from it. Defines obesity and provides statistics from the United States of the proportion of the populace who are considered to be one degree or another obese. Traces the physiological, psychological, sociological and economic correlates with the condition. Emphasizes that unfavorable environmental influences acting upon genetically predisposed individuals is the most logical explanation for obesity. Bibliography lists 12 sources.
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6. Developmental Psychology: Research on Adaptation   (8  Pages, 95.6 $ (USD) )
This is an 8 page paper discussing research on adaptation in developmental psychology. Within the field of psychology, adaptation describes “the process of change in organisms or species to accommodate to a particular environment, enabling their survival”. From a developmental, biological and sociological level, there are considered to be two main types of adaptive behavior: closed programs which basically are transmitted from generation to generation and remain relatively unchanged; and, open genetic programs which are greatly influenced from environmental factors (Gale, 2001). In addition, adaptation can be discussed in terms of individuals or in terms of how groups adapt to new environments. Often individual adaptation is studied in regards to the biological or physiological components which are carried from generation to generation and largely these factors are inflexible and remain relatively unchanged. However, there are many studies which examine how social or environmental factors can also affect adaptive behavior and increase the survival in new situations. These studies examine the cultural, family and socioeconomic relationships in groups and individuals and indicate that while initially some individuals may not be flexible or adaptive to new environments, positive adaptation factors such as strong culture bonds, strong family relationships and resilience can increase adaptability in individuals suggesting that individuals are flexible and can be highly adaptive in new environments; factors which increase their chance of survival. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
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7. Insufficiency of mere "dialogue" for the 21st century
2004, 1 Pages, 501 Words, 10 $ (USD)
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8. Vulnerability in the Use of Illicit Drugs   (8  Pages, 95.6 $ (USD) )
A 7 page overview of the concept of vulnerability in relation to the propensity to use illicit drugs. This paper provides an overview of the concept, identifying dependent and independent variables. A distinction is made between sociological and physiological/psychological vulnerability factor. The need for additional research is emphasized. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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9. How Vulnerability Plays a Role in Drug Use   (6  Pages, 71.7 $ (USD) )
A 6 page discussion of the various factors which enter into the determination of an individual’s likelihood to use illicit drugs. The author distinguishes between sociological and physiological/psychological vulnerability factors and concludes that while it is impossible to predict an individual’s propensity for drug use with one-hundred percent accuracy, impossible to assign a numeric value to any one individual’s vulnerability, some relationships have been identified in the literature. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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10. Defining the Nursing Contribution to Patient Outcome   (11  Pages, 131.45 $ (USD) )
An 11 page exploration of the relationship which exists between nursing contribution and patient outcome. The author of this paper asserts a more and more predominant theme in nursing is the nurse’s one-on-one interaction with the patient and the consideration of such factors as culture and even spiritualism in patient care delivery. While at one time nursing was a discipline which concentrated primarily on the science of human anatomy and physiology, nursing has evolved to a discipline which recognizes not only the hard scientific facts of physiology but also the importance of psychological and sociological factors. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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