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Bias - American Revolution

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Bias - American Revolution
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University of Phoenix
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University of Phoenix, UOP, Humanities, History, American Revolution
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American Revolution

As is the case with documenting any event in history, great care must be taken to remain as unbiased as possible in order not to taint factual events with opinion or hearsay. Some examples of problems with objectivity and bias are quite easy to discern.  A British bias would certainly seek to trivialize both small events during this timeframe, as well as the overall conflict; whereas an American bias is likely to overstate and embellish any event.  While some problems with objectivity or bias may originate from first degree accounts of events, many stem from second-hand accounts.  This may lead to different interpretations even on a local scale.  Various political organizations may view or twist historical facts or perceptions to suit or justify their own agendas, thereby confusing and misleading the unsuspecting masses that are not skilled at detecting bias in written works. 

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