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How can on-the- job training (informal) affect employee performance in an organization (a case stud...

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How can on-the- job training (informal) affect employee performance in an organization (a case study of the banking sector in Nigeria)
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nigeria, OJT, case study, performance
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How can on-the- job training (informal) affect employee performance in an organization (a case study of the banking sector in Nigeria)

Overview and justification

On-the job training or OJT is an approach that has been adopted by many organizations in both the public and private sectors worldwide because it has been associated with improved job performance (Berings, Poell, and Simons, 418). The purpose of this essay is to examine how OJT affects employee performance in an organization. A qualitative approach will be used to study the case of the banking sector in Nigeria through underpinning the grounded theory approach.  OJT is a widely studied topic in the field of human resource management in organizations, and has been used in the many organizations with proven results worldwide. This is therefore a social phenomenon that is being developed through sense making, rather than an established natural phenomenon, and hence a grounded theory approach through qualitative study is most suitable. This kind of occurring social phenomena stems from the philosophical concept of social constructivism, as opposed to positivism. This study is justified by the need to develop better yet cost effective training methods in organizations in developing countries such as Nigeria, in Africa. Developing countries have a dream to ...

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