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Organizational Behavior Trends

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Organizational Behavior Trends
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University of Phoenix
MGT 331
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Organizational. Behavior Trends
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Organizational Behavior Trends

MGT 331: Organizational Behavior

Week 5

December 5, 2006

Ethics can have a big influence on decision-making in the workplace. Ethical behavior in the workplace is behavior that is accepted as morally “right,” rather than “wrong.” Unethical behavior can be considered illegal, or merely against the norms of society. Employees encounter ethical decisions every day in the workplace, whether they realize it or not. The stock boy must make a decision on whether it is right to steal merchandise. The auto mechanic must make a decision on what is a fair price to charge a gullible customer. The CEO must decide how to use all the power he or she possesses. There are many different thinking about ethical behavior, and different people will judge the same situation ….

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