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The Ethical, Legal And Regulatory Issues Pertaining To Google's Plan To Scan Millions Of Books

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The Ethical, Legal And Regulatory Issues Pertaining To Google's Plan To Scan Millions Of Books
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3 pages in length. In its ongoing quest to become the world's leading provider of information and knowledge, Google plans to scan millions of books and make them readily available to some extent over the entire Internet. When one first begins to process this concept, the first thing that comes to mind is how such this idea can be unfeasible on many levels, not the least of which includes legal, ethical and regulatory. Upon closer consideration, however, it becomes clear how even in light of the intense debate swirling around the issue that it actually stands to "preserve books from decay but would not infringe copyright" (BBC, 2006). Even with that endorsement from University of Michigan head Mary Sue Coleman, who calls the project "legal, ethical and noble" (BBC, 2006), there is still too much leeway where the more finite elements of legalities, ethics and regulatory issues are concerned to actually believe Google's plan is truly appropriate. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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