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media, crime

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media, crime
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media, crime
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Paper Abstract

Media and Crime

Fall 2007

Paper 2

            Crime films and television programs both reflect and affect society. “Crime films reflect our ideas about fundamental social, economic, and political issues while, at the same time, they shape the ways we think about these issues” (Rafter, 3). Simply put, crimes films usually portray the modern concerns in society and in doing so cause reactions to these concerns. Crime films help define the current crime trends. “Because crime films are so clearly linked to social norms, values, rules and everyday practices, they mirror and reflect back on a society in constant motion, evoking more saliently than any other film type our culture’s deep and shifting attitudes toward morality and the state” (Rafter, 58).

            “Examining the history of crime films helps explain why different types of crime films flourish at different points in time” (Rafter, 21). Over the past century, crime films have evolved tremendously. This evolution first began with the Silent Film Era, spanning from 1897 to 1927. These films were also called “shorts” because they were much shorter than films of the present. Silent films were often characterized by chase scenes and pre-gangster genre scenes. The “silent ….

Preview available for this Term Paper-media, crimePreview -

You can Preview "media, crime" Before you buy it

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